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What tools do I need for this hobby?[edit]

One of the great things about tying knots is the relatively low barrier to entry. But, as you get more advanced, you may wonder what paracord tools you might need.

Where can I buy cord and buckles and other supplies?[edit]

There are likely thousands of suppliers, but some stick around and engage with the community more. This is a list of well-established and reliable suppliers.

What are all these cord types?[edit]

The plethora of names used to describe nylon or poly utility cords can be very confusing. This primer on cord types should help clear away a little of the fog.

How much should I charge?[edit]

Pricing is a complicated issue, but there are some common guidelines that can help you get started.

Do I need to file taxes?[edit]

Short answer, yes. Long answer might be in the page on Paracord Business. Consult an accountant.

What size should I make?[edit]

Many people have questions about sizing for bracelets and necklaces. While there is no way to ensure you have the right size other than measuring and testing, this page may get you in the ballpark.

How much cord does it take?[edit]

How much cord is used to make a specific design varies wildly by how tightly the cord is pulled and other factors. But, there can be some approximations of cord usage that might get you in the right ballpark.

How do I finish my bracelet?[edit]

Bracelets need closures, and some people have come up with different ways to do that.

What color cord matches my team colors?[edit]

A project that will likely always be in progress, we're building lists of team colors for both professional and college teams. You can help!

Can I just use this image or design for my work?[edit]

This can get into some hairy territory, but let's talk about Copyrights and Trademarks a little bit.

How do I make a pet collar?[edit]

There are a few considerations, but collars are definitely a nice expansion from a bracelet-only beginning.

How do I make a leash?[edit]

There are a lot of methods to make leashes, from simple to intricate.

How many passes for a monkey fist?[edit]

If you start making monkey fist knots, it's common to wonder how many passes of cord to use for a specific size core.

Does cord shrink when wet?[edit]

Cord shrinkage is a contentious topic, but there is some degree of objective truth to be found.

Where else can I find tutorials?[edit]

There are a lot of groups and individuals within the paracord community that will help you improve your game or give you a place to commiserate when you've hit a brick wall.