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The great thing about doing custom work is not being constrained by what someone else has decided is the "right" way to do things. Experimentation is great, but sometimes you may want to do something that is standard and defined. For example, sports teams have specific colors associated with their gear. But, nobody sells "burnt orange" paracord, and nobody will define their cord in Pantone colors. So, what to do? We're working on these pages, which should help you out. These are team colors, in EL Wood-named cord colors. Why EL Wood? Because they have the most colors of any big-name manufacturer, so they're easy to find and trusted. Something to be aware of, though, is that some EL Wood sellers rename the cord away from EL Wood's official name. For example, Supply Captain (a great outfit) calls EL Wood's "Imperial Red" the slightly different "Bright Red." We'll stick with the EL Wood names here, because if we include every variation or manufacturer, the page will be enormous. Perhaps someone will take on the task of producing a "what does X seller call Y cord" page one day, but not yet.

Remember all these colors are closest approximations, as the teams frequently use custom colors that are just not available to anyone else. Seattle's "Action Green" is a great example. Good luck finding that precise color in 550 cord.

We'll break this up into Pro and College pages to start with.

Professional Team Colors

NCAA Team Colors