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Welcome Knotty People and Cordaholics!

This wiki is intended to archive some of the great creative work people are doing on Facebook, working with cord and rope. Unfortunately, Facebook has a really inadequate search function, and the sheer volume of production some knotty people sustain makes it nearly impossible to find anything older than a couple months. Hopefully this will alleviate things. Look around, kick the tires, and contribute to the community. Cheers.

You may want to start with the index of Creators or perhaps Knot Families. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page, where you might find some answers to issues that aren't related to a specific knot.

If you want to be overwhelmed, here's a list of all the pages on this wiki. For a more leisurely stroll, Check out the Contents page. The vast majority of these designs are documented only via still photos, but there are some with video tutorials as well.


Remember that knot-tying is a process of discovery, as well as invention. There are many knots with multiple names. This does not mean someone is stealing another's work; they could both have discovered something new to them, completely separately and honestly. Don't assume malice. If a knot or weave has multiple known names, we'll try to add redirects to cover all the angles.


This is a wiki, so it's expected that multiple people can update it and keep it current or enhance it. If you are willing to help, jump in!