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The community is diverse and seemingly ever-growing. Here's some of the more active places to go for information or discussion.

Youtube Channels[edit]

  • Tying it All Together is the big daddy, with JD Lenzen posting videos for years, frequently one a week.
  • Stormdrane has an active blog, and a less-active video channel.
  • Dman McQ has a long-running gag reel about paracord people, as well as tutorials on techniques
  • ParadudeAZ has given the world the great quick-deploy technique with dual loops and metal shackles
  • Mr Coop is a great channel for all sorts of paracord stuff, where Jim Cooper shows how to tie designs on buckles and make jigs.
  • Bored Paracord (which should be styled as "Bored? Paracord!" but is often listed without punctuation) is a channel devoted to putting buckles on existing designs, and also creating and displaying original designs. Shawn Matthews is the proprietor of a shop selling paracord supplies, and uses the channel to promote that as well as educate the masses.

Websites and Blogs[edit]

  • Fusion Knots is JD Lenzen's page, with photos of his designs and a forum for discussion. With the advent of Facebook groups, the forum is a lot less active than it was in earlier years.
  • Stormdrane's blog has a lot more posts than his Youtube channel, and is definitely worth a look.
  • Paracord Guild has a variety of tutorials, articles, and discussions about the art and business of knot making.

Facebook Groups[edit]

Although there are many Facebook groups, there is also one important page:

  • Knothing But Tutorials attempts to mirror the tutorials that get posted to the PCC group, but in a little more organized fashion. PCC and KBT are the sources for most of the picture tutorials on this wiki.

As of the end of September 2013, here are some prominent groups and how many members they have.

  • Parachute Cord Crafters is one of the oldest cord groups on FB, and as a result has a lot of newbies and a little bit of rancor from what some of the older members consider rude or oblivious behavior on the part of those newbies. This has led to the creation of a lot of other groups, with smaller memberships but usually fewer (what some consider) dumb questions. 2634 members

Some groups branch out from cord into other crafts: